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Can listening to music heal the body?
new treatment that's not so new.

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Music Matters
Do you want to know a secret? Like diet, nutrition and other lifestyle factors, music can play an eloquent role in improving your quality of life. There's nothing like listening to Mozart, the Beatles or Cat Stevens to reduce stress or meditatively ponder life. There's a place for Chopin, Dylan or Joplin. Match the music with your mood, and you're on your way. Read on...

Michael Jackson: Another Johnny Cash Death?
Elvis, Johnny Cash, and now Michael Jackson. These are just three famous musicians whose deaths appear to have been related to prescription drug use. But how many deaths from these drugs go unnoticed every day? Probably many thousands. Read my editorial here.

Music Therapy

Over five thousand years ago, Chinese Medicine included music as a therapy along with other remedies. Today, we know more about why music can heal. I’ve measured brain waves to see just how certain types of music can influence our health. When we’re relaxed, creative, meditating, happy, our brain produces large amounts of alpha waves. In this alpha state, our stress hormones are reduced, our brain functions well, and overall health improves – in minutes! We can use music to trigger alpha waves just by listening. My music can strongly stimulate the alpha state. Try it – plug in your headphones, sit back, close your eyes and listen to the song Rosemary on the music player. Do this for a relaxing break in your day, when you're stressed or just for enjoyment...and reap the many health benefits! 
-– Phil